A project exploring the dynamic relationship between sound and picture. With no reference to human emotion or narrative, the mood and tone of the music has been directly influenced from the aesthetics of the image.


The first piece "Water" focuses on how movement in the picture can be represented in the music. 


The second piece "Glass" explores the relationship between tension and crescendo.


The final piece "Clouds" plays with the editing of the film and the rhythm of the music.








A project using classical structure in a modern genre.

Each track corresponds directly to the movement of Mozart's violin concerto of the same name. The structures are matched bar for bar, beat for beat. However, the core elements (melody, harmony, tone, rhythm etc) are completely new. Each motif in the original has been replaced by a new motif and they make their entries/variations at the same place in the piece. Key/time signature changes are also observed. 





In direct contrast with "InMotion" these images have little movement and rather, focus on the human element. The mood and tone of the music has this time been set by the body language of the individuals.

Somewhat reserved and subtle expressions have been chosen, so that the music reveals more about the subject's state than the visual.




These house tracks explore three different areas of interest; texture, overlapping patterns and diegetic sounds.

The first track is mainly concerned with textures. Building them up using samples and cutting between them.

"Modulo" makes extensive use of overlapping simple patterns of different lengths. 

"Traffic" plays with the boundary between diegetic sounds and music.